Email Templates

Messages to send out all emails are a Email Template. 

Create Template 

  • Click Campaigns 
  • Click The Down Arrow Next to Target List
  • Click Email Templates
  • Create Email Template
  • Name (Internal)
  • One-Off If you are only sending this once usually checked. 
  • Category see Organize Email Templates
  • Subject (Subject of the email)
  • Body is everything you want to say. To personalize use the insert above the body to add the persons name to the email and many other things. 
  • Attchments any files you want attached. 
  • Click Save. 

Organize Email Templates

  • You can put emails in categories. 
  • To create a Category click the down arrow next to Create Email Template. 
  • Click Manage Categories. 
  • (Plus sign to add)
  • You Just need a Name.