Tools I Use Daily To Run My Business.

We all have the essential tools we use every day to run our businesses here are a few of mine.

Invoice Plane


Invoices we all hate doing it but this little app lets me invoice from anywhere  & anytime from a computer, phone or tablet. It is not supper fancy you can write up quotes, track basic project costs and invoice. I like because of the recurring invoice feature based on any time frame. There are bunch of payment services you can integrate I just use paypal standard. Some of the unpaid reporting is kind of weird, but for how simple it is to use and unlimited customers I will take it.



This saves me so often with one tracking customer problems and issues., but I can also pull up issues from years ago to see what I did to solve it. Basically, you can submit a form at https://www.tjsol.com/help/ or email help@tjsol.com and I get notified the process begins to solve your problem.

My Hesk (https://www.hesk.com/) is a little tweaked with Mods For Hesk (https://www.mods-for-hesk.com/) makes it nicer on a tabled or phone.



This a rudimentary project management tool as far as look and feel. The functions it offers are solid. Its focus is task tracking. You can have unlimited sub tasks, discussions on tasks, and files attached to tasks. The main reason I like it I can add all my tasks for a project as they get done I can check them off. The interface is dated and not real mobile friendly. For a task tracker for multiple projects it works great.



The website builder I recommend to all my clients now. It’s simple for most clients that just want a couple pages and some nice pictures it works very well. Create nice mobile sites. For features and easy to use interface for small business websites it works very well.



Almost all my social media images go thru Canva and some website images. A few clicks and image uploads you can create some slick images for social media.

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