Is it worth having a website for your micro business

Is It Worth Having A Website For Your Micro Business

Yes, for many reason manly it is something you control. Social media is great and so are many online selling platforms, but you must do what they say and if you kicked off or locked out there goes your business.

You can use it as landing page to send people off to other sites like etsy or ebay. We have one client that profiles product families with a buy button on each of those pages to another site to purchase. You can have one page or multiple with your story, contact information, events and social media links to start. From there how you want to grow is endless. You are building a portal for your customer into your business. You give your customer one address and they have all your information to find out more and purchase from you.

Would you rather have then go to a site like etsy that will who similar products or your site that is all about you.

It’s not that expensive for something simple. There are some recurring fees and some that just happen once. Plus, you get you email address

  1. First register a name at usually no more then $20/yr. They will try and upsell email it is up to you there are other options.
  2. Find someone to host your site we can do it and our provider is Viviotech ranging $5-7/mo
  3. Build your site there are many tools Vivio has a site builder we looked at not our favorite. We like PageKit for small sites it rocks. But it has to be installed and setup we can help you with that for a small fee $65-$85.
  4. If you want your email on gmail or we can help with the setup both average about $60 a year per account. Or you can use your hosting provider.

Four steps, yearly expense $112-$172 for a little space of the internet you control. Under $200 you have informational tool and marketing tool for your business. If you do not want to do any of it and just want it built. Contact Us

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