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What We Do

One micro business helping other
micro businesses with technology.

We know technology breaks or you have issues with it every time you go to do something. That is why we are around to help eliminate those issues and make you micro business or side gig run smoother.

We focus on local micro businesses, but if you are not local and need help contact us. we might know a direction to send you.

Something old and something new.

Well this I had a challenge with unique situation. A customer has an older industrial device that logged data into a computer. Well the computer died it was Windows XP in computers terms that is ancient, but in industrial controls 15-20 years is nothing.  

Is It Worth Having A Website For Your Micro Business

Yes, for many reason manly it is something you control. Social media is great and so are many online selling platforms, but you must do what they say and if you kicked off or locked out there goes your business.